Dec 4, 2011


It is a quick post to tell you that H&M has amazing sale right now,I just returned from there & get a blouse for 20 LE:D:D
they have sale on summer items;they have gorgeous dresses,blouses and accessories:)
So if you live in Cairo,go check H&M in city stars:)
see you in my next post xoxo

Dec 3, 2011

How to style a red clutch ?!!

Today 's post is about fashion piece which i just adore right now;it is clutches..
Clutches make any outfit chic and add something to what you wears....
but the problem with cluthes that it can't hold your stuff,So a genius (i don't know who he is :D)
comes with the perfect idea;envelope clutch...
It is a clutch but have the shape of envelope and it holds a lot.
So today i created 3 different outfit using red envelope clutch.
I used the red because it is a fun color to makes your look pops:)


english style

So I hope you like the post xoxo :)

Dec 2, 2011

Nail Polish Trends:Winter 2011-2012

Today post is about nail polish trends for winter 2011-2012..





I Hope You Like The Post,&Tell Me What 's Favorite Colour:)

Dec 1, 2011

Basics:Maxi dress

Maxi skirts is so trendy this season,and many designer shows include maxi dress in their collection..

Maxi skirt is wearable and you can wear it up or down,that why it is basics in your wardrobe because you can create so many outfits with one skirt...
you can wear it to college or to party..
and for Hijabi girls they are modest and trendy in the same time:)

Here an outfit i created,I like the combination of feminine which the skirt represents and edgy look whic in the leather jacket :)maziiiiii

Aug 20, 2011



Who can say that bangles are not chic or classic.they can be,if you choose the neutral ones and may mix them with some pearls,sore!!
so i got you some neutral chic bangles :)
enjoy the post & tell me what do you think :)

Aug 19, 2011


For me if I had to chose one jewelry item to have forever:it will be bangles,I love them...
For a girl wear hijab,I think bangles and necklaces are statement pieces,they make the outfit viable:)
For bangles,They are trendy yet can be very chic,and i love how they add something to your outfit..
you can wear plain dress or shirt or blouse and add coloures by your bangles:)
Today I am showing you some beautiful coloured bangles,they are so summery and fresh:)
next post,i will show you some neutral ones..
So,my advise for you to invest in some sets,and you can mix and match them:)
enjoy the post xoxo...
And tell me what do you think:)