Feb 5, 2011


My current obessession is blazers,I just love them..
They are so trendy,and the most amazing thing about them that you can wear them everywhere..
Let's see how ^-^

First outfit : You can match your blazer with a maxi dress and wear it to a special occassion..

Second outfit :I just love the neutral colours,This outfit is so femminine ,You can wear it to girl's night out.
Third outfit :This outfit is casual outfit for college

These are some ideas on how to wear a blazer in different ways,If you have another way to wear your blazer..tell me in the comments.
Enjoy ^-^


  1. ola wpisimaa!! acabo de conocer tu blog, y me ha encantado, te cuento que ya tienes otra seguidora mas.bss


  2. hey gracias, para presentar observaciones y siguientes:)
    Revisé tu blog y me encantó:)
    estadía atentos ^_^

  3. gotta love the top in the 2nd outfit! where from ?