Aug 20, 2011



Who can say that bangles are not chic or classic.they can be,if you choose the neutral ones and may mix them with some pearls,sore!!
so i got you some neutral chic bangles :)
enjoy the post & tell me what do you think :)

Aug 19, 2011


For me if I had to chose one jewelry item to have forever:it will be bangles,I love them...
For a girl wear hijab,I think bangles and necklaces are statement pieces,they make the outfit viable:)
For bangles,They are trendy yet can be very chic,and i love how they add something to your outfit..
you can wear plain dress or shirt or blouse and add coloures by your bangles:)
Today I am showing you some beautiful coloured bangles,they are so summery and fresh:)
next post,i will show you some neutral ones..
So,my advise for you to invest in some sets,and you can mix and match them:)
enjoy the post xoxo...
And tell me what do you think:)