Aug 19, 2011


For me if I had to chose one jewelry item to have forever:it will be bangles,I love them...
For a girl wear hijab,I think bangles and necklaces are statement pieces,they make the outfit viable:)
For bangles,They are trendy yet can be very chic,and i love how they add something to your outfit..
you can wear plain dress or shirt or blouse and add coloures by your bangles:)
Today I am showing you some beautiful coloured bangles,they are so summery and fresh:)
next post,i will show you some neutral ones..
So,my advise for you to invest in some sets,and you can mix and match them:)
enjoy the post xoxo...
And tell me what do you think:)


  1. Hello Dude,

    Thank you very much for your ideas to post comments. Coloured bangles are a must have item for anyone wanting to look stylish, utility or safety has the right fashion bangles for you, which are not only stylish but also very comfortable to wear...


  2. Waooooo.....lovely bangles, I just love to wear bangles and their sound. It make me feel most lovely at any event. their adorable color, their lovely designs and fancy work on it make it more lovely. Thank you for sharing these lovely bangles designs. On another site, I saw some lovely bangles designs.that was also very pretty and colorful and if you really like bangles then you must see that is that site......