Jun 2, 2010


This post will be about summer trends..
SO,let's start it :)
Number one :JUMPSUIT
When I knew that jumpsuit are so trendy for summer,I told myself no way I am going to wear this,it is not modest at all..But then I thought that I can wear them in modesty way by adding a cardigan or a denim jacket.. What do you think ??

Number two :DENIM JACKET

This trend is just for girls who wear hijab..You can put your jacket on a maxi dress or a jumpsuit..So you can wear whatever you want but in a super trendy way :)

The material pieces are so edgy but the trick is to wear them in feminine way like a sandal or bag or a feminine blouse..I really like these pieces..That is one proof that you can never predict fashion..

Number four :MAXI DRESS

In a previous post,I created three different look using one maxi dress..
Maxi dresses one of the most lovable wearable trends this summer because they are so comfortable, feminine and you can wear them in many different ways..
There is plain dresses and floral ones and all it needs a cardigan..

Number five: SHOES
I am not talking about normal shoes that we wear daily..I am talking about statement shoes,that will be the focus of your entire outfit..
And if you don't want a daily comfortable shoes,there are tons of design that are suitable to any style.

Number six: STUDDS
This a trendy detail that you will see it in a lot of pieces..
Just one advice:Just add to one or maximum two pieces,Don't over wear it..

Who doesn't love accessories?? Not me i just adore them..they are so essential..And this summer,they come in a unique gorgeous way..
It can be your mother old piece or you can get them from a vintage store..
If both of the ways are not available..Go to your favourite accessories shop and find pieces that your mother or your grand mother would wear them at your age :)

O,that is..I hope this post will be beneficial to you and help you to know what is in this summer..
Comment and tell me your favourite trend :)

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