Jun 5, 2010

From head to toe: Formal outfits

I am starting a new series called from head to toe: it is about different looks" classic,casual,formal...etc"
Every week I will show you how to achieve a certain look and some outfits that I created..
This week' look is the formal look,Many women works nowadays and being worker doesn't mean to be messy and unfashionable;In the contrary,when you dress good you look good you fell good and this positive feelings will affect your working mood and become more productive:
Formal look is all about being chic in a professional way

First office necessities:

· A dark (black, brown, charcoal, navy) pantsuit or skirtsuit.Wear it strictly as a suit in professional settings, mix up the suit pieces in business casual environments.

· "Soft" suit: a matching twinset (sleeveless or short sleeved sweater with a matching cardigan).

· A white shirt. Worn with smart black trousers and a simple pearl necklace it is goes smart casual. Paired with a black pantsuit it means strictly business.

· Black pants. You can never have too many of these. Creative types can branch out into longer cropped styles.

· Low-heeled pumps.Closed-toe styles can go anywhere. While you may be limited to dark colors to match your suits, you can experiment with materials and textures for interest: suede, exotic skins, polished leather.

· Structured handbag. A smooth, black or brown handbag with a structured frame gives you a pulled-together.

Second the colours:

Color plays a big part in professional image. Traditional career colors include red (aggressive), navy (trustworthy), gray (conservative) and black (chic). Most of these colors work well in pantsuits, skirts and shoes and mix back with softer feminine colors that are appropriate like ice blue, lilac..


So,For The outfits I created :

First outfit: Black pants and black jacket are a must,You just can add different colours of the blouses and has multiple outfit ..
Also a classic black bag and heels will help you to create another looks,you don't have to buy for each outfit a bag and heels.
Heels gives you that feminine look,The most important think to be comfortable.
As for accessories a simple ring will be enough, Remember not to over-accessorize.
Last for the scarf,matching a good material that will not make you sweat..No glittery scarf to work..
The second look: Black pant and a off-white blouse,The blouse is so feminine and also can match it with many outfits which make it a must..
The red bag just makes a better touch on the outfit,make its alive..
For the accessories,just in red-black and white necklace,make it simple ..
Third outfit: Floral skirt and black blouse..Floral skirts is always in for girls who wear hijab,but here is the tip:For work go for a darker colours because we want the look to be professional and brighten the look by the bag,accessories and the scarf here,I took the simplest colour in the skirt and put in all of them.Turquoise is so trendy this summer.
For the shoes,I chose a flat shoe with a low heels to make it chic.

Fourth outfit: hight waisted maxi black skirt and creamy-black blouse..The creamy colour is neutral whick makes it so trendy in summer and it is suitable for work..Here i just paired them with a black jacket(A must),Creamy heels and bags..for the accessories just simple and cute belt and rings..

Last a hijab style:

2 different simple styles for work,Just choose what suits you :

I hope this post helps you :)

So girls what do you th ink of the look and the hijab styles.

Tell me if you like this series and what look you want me to create next week is'ALLAH :)


  1. I love that turquoise floral skirt.. though I've never worn any maxi skirt, I've always wanted to have and wear one.. :)
    thanks for the hijab style, gotta try those

  2. Thanks for commenting :)
    A maxi skirt is so beautiful in summer especially if it is floral :),So I encourage you to get one..Try the hijab style tell me which one is your favourite..
    I followed you at your blog,I will be appeciated if you follow me at my blog :)

  3. You've put together some lovely looks. I love that floral maxi skirt too! x

  4. cute looks. i see myself in the 2nd one. it's simple and chic ;) and are those louboutin's? if so, that is right up my alley!

  5. Love that cream bag! Great shape. <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  6. Cute outfits. I am attempting to revamp my style.You gave me some ideas.
    My blog is: http://prissymum.blogspot.com/