Aug 13, 2010

Jeans Dilemma

For the last weeks,I have fashion dilemma..
I wear jeans pants and I believe that they are practical for college and going outs,But I hate wearing skinny jeans..I actually used to wear them but I felt that they are not modest because they are so tight and even if I wear a long blouse, The skinny jeans define your log and it is not proper for muslin's girls..
Finally,I found the solution of my problem ,Thanks God :)
The solution in another type of jeans,Which is tight from above and wide from the knee to the foot..It has a lot of shapes..

FIRST: Straight cut

Straight cut is a kind of jeans pants which the circumference of their legs is consistent from the hip down to the leg.

Second: Flare cut
It is a little bit tighter and is cut wider or flare out from knee down, looking much more a bell-like shape at the hem.

Third: Boot cut
boot cut is sometimes known as flare cut, but it’s less roomy at the ankle part

Fourth:Bell bottom
Bell bottom is wide-legged pants which are loose from the knee downwards and fitted tightly around the hips.


  1. I always go with the straight cut.. but I still have problem with the choice of size

  2. Thanks for commenting ^_^
    @ dsy jeans always get bigger with washing and wearing it,so i advis to get one size than your actual size and by washing it,it wil fit you :)
    @ Lauraaa You have a good taste of style :)