Oct 4, 2010

bags series 1 :Louis vuitton bags

I am starting a series about bags..Who doesn't love bags,They are the best accessories ever = )

Today' s post is about louis vuitton bags,For me they are one of my favourite bag brands..

But before showing you some of my favouite ones,First I will show you some tips on how to spot a fake louis vuitton bag..

1. Step 1: The Price Is Wrong

Louis Vuitton monogram canvas bags run from $375 and up, with the majority of the bags selling for over $1000. If you're buying a brand new Louis Vuitton bag for less than $300, you're not getting a deal, you're getting a fake.


1. Step 2: What's In A Name?

If there is an "LV" anywhere on the bag that is crooked or on a stitch or seam, it is not the real thing. The "LV" on a real Louis Vuitton purse will be carefully placed on the bag so that it's not cut off by a seam or snap. Besides the famous initials being monogrammed onto the bag itself, the zipper pull and purse snaps will all be branded as well. The zipper pull should also be brass hardware and heavy to the touch. Many imitators pay attention to the details so make sure you're paying even closer attention. If the seams are uneven or the monogram is the slightest bit off, it's a fake. Louis Vuitton bags are all hand crafted and each one is perfectly assembled. Spend some time on the manufacturer's website to study the details that make the bag authentic.

2. Step 3: Material Matters

The Louis Vuitton monogram bags are made of canvas but the handles and piping are natural cowhide leather. The color of the leather should be a light tan, with the edge dyed red and the stitching in yellow. After a few weeks of handling your bag, the leather handles will oxidize and fade to a darker brown. If your leather handles don't change color, it's a fake.

Step 4:the stitching

Look closely at the stitching as it should be very even and straight. In addition, Louis Vuitton places the same number of stitches in the same locations on similar bags. So if you know a particular style of handbag has 5 regular stitches across the top of the leather tab, you can spot a fake if it has only 4 stitches.

And now with the fun part,My favourite louis vuitton bags ever


Tell me what is your favourite ?


  1. good information. i have two lv bags and i didn't even know until recently that they were canvas and not leather. i still don't completely understand b/c they feel so much like leather...

  2. Thanks sweetie for commenting =)
    I guess that is why LV bags are so amazing =)

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  4. so i have the third bag in this article and cant tell how even after you tell me how beacuse it is similar but in the front it has a plaque of lv on it is it true that they come with serial numbers on it